Mold Release Agent

Mold release agents are highly advanced mixtures of polymeric materials

what is release agent?

Mold release agents are highly advanced mixtures of polymeric materials. These materials could precisely form a thin film layer on the mold. As a result, they could release the polyurethane foam pieces without any deformity. Moreover, they do not have any negative effects on the mold or cause mold impurities.

The release agent waxes categorized in two group: A)solvent based B)water based

At the moment, we focused on solvent based release agent waxes. The main solvent which is used in it is hydrocarbons (such as Isopar from shell or Exxon-mobile).

The solvent based release agent waxes categorized in three main groups of products, as below:

Ready ti used Release agent wax (Solvent based): the concentration (solid content) of this group of product generally is between 3% and 5%. It is applied generally by spray gun.

Semi-Concentrate Release agent wax (Solvent based): the concentration (solid content) of this group of product generally is between 5% and 8%. The end user can dilute this wax with extra solvent. it completely depends on the price of Hydrocarbon solvents in the target market. they could be applied by spray, hand or brush.

Concentrate Release agent wax (Solvent based): the concentration (solid content) of this group of product generally is between 15% and 20%. The end user can dilute this wax with extra solvent. they could be applied by hand or brush on the mold.

At the moment, we could produce all types of solvent based release agents which were mentioned above (i.e. ready to use, semi ready to use, concentrate).

what is the general properties of our release agent?

Excellent part release

We formulate our products to strike the perfect balance between release ease and part quality – no matter what your polyurethane molding application – so parts come out of the mold easily, without defects.

Optimal gloss level and surface finish quality

We can customize our mold release agents to provide a variety of surface finishes, helping you meet your customer’s specifications.

Lower scrap rates

By using our release agents we can help you improve release ease and part surface finish, both of which will lead to lower scrap rates.

Cleaner molds

Because we balance our products’ slip and barrier properties, our mold release agents are designed to produce as little build-up in the mold as possible.

Higher quality parts

We customize our products to your specific requirements. Lower build-up on tooling and less sticky, greasy residues makes for higher quality parts and more satisfied customers.

Tin-free formulations where required

All of our products are able to supply tin-free release agents for almost all applications. In fact, we have tin-free formulations that have the same performance as tin containing formulations.

The above properties of our release agent waxes our similar to the other first ranked producers of solvent based release agents in the world.

What is the superior advantages of our release agent waxes?

we developed new formulations for solvent based release agent waxes. We could provide low solid content wax which has similar performance like the concentrate one. It means that this product has so excellent release properties for cold cur PU foam systems. Because of the extra advantage, you could dilute our product with extra solvent or you could apply on the mold just one time for five demolding of PU Foam parts. In similar products, the end user should apply each time release agent wax and it has a lot of negative effect such as high build up on the surface of the mold. The end user should stop his production line and clean the surface of the molds. (IN PU foam Parts the surface of the produced foam is so important and so depends on the quality and build up the release agent)

Less downtime: A properly designed release agent, correctly applied, results in less build-up, easier to remove residues, and ultimately less down time because you won’t need to clean your mold as often.

Because of the extra release property of ou

r products, the end user does not require to apply noticeable force to remove the PU part from the mold. So the production time will be reduced noticeably (especially in the production lines which they have high speeds and time is so critical parameter)

We have special facilities to provide tailor made release agent waxes to our customers. for example, we could change the formulation and also used solvents to reach the customer demands. A) A customer has restrict environmental regulations and needs a high purified solvents. We could provide them the required solvent with low aromatic content and highly purified solvents. The most expensive of our products are these ones. Because the purification procedures are so expensive. B) the other customers may need products with lower price with lower quality of the solvents, we could also provide them the release agent waxes with medium odor (or aromatic content) solvent or unpurified solvents without any changes in the release performance.

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